7 Feb 2018

Squaduary 2018 - RTB01 Tactical Squad - End of Week 1

Hello All, thanks for checking in, so... progress has started on the RTB01 Space Marine Tactical Squad. Honestly, close up these guys needed a lot of work, my younger self cared not for moldline cleaning and thought nothing of cutting these from the sprue with blunt scissors! He was also very generous with Poly Cement and accessories on shin Greaves - as the now smoothed scars will attest to.
What is it all about - a bunch of hobbyists getting motivated to do long overdue Squads... Rory at Stepping Between Games blog has done a great job corralling us all again this year to pledge to get some paint on our piles of grey (in this case cream coloured) plastic.
Pictured here is my soon to be Sergeant with a Terminator Honours squad banner and his helmet on, like a sensible squad leader... and next to him a slightly modified Flamer specialist, I've used the nozzle from a combi-flamer rather than the funnel the kit comes with - this echoes my first squad modification of a Grav Gun specialist, adding a modern and recognizable weapon to these old miniatures - I really thought the old flamer nozzle was a bit naff. He also got two small Flamer canisters from said combi-flamers mag-locked to his left thigh (hidden in this pic, sry).
These middle one of these troops shows the Chainblade accessory to the Boltgun and you can see the moldline scraping I've been doing to all. I've also had a few in pieces, straightening or strengthening the old poly cement joins.
Here is the original paintjob I attempted all those years ago, now moldline scraped so looking worse for wear. The paint is thin enough and the others base coat is thin all over not to need stripping.
Finally, the Missile Launcher specialist with his iconic over the shoulder missile launcher and the remaining Bolter troops. As you may have noticed, they've all had 32mm adapters fitted and the seams liquid greenstuffed and sanded smooth - all ready for the next stage of painting.

May the progress continue next week, Cheers, Siph.


  1. Now THIS is an inspiring post! I have been eyeing doing something like this to all the old RTB01 guys I have. I will enjoy following this project.

  2. Great Stuff!. Looking forward to seeing these guys painted up. I love those old missile launchers.

  3. Looking really good Siph! I hate doing the mould line stage myself, and I bet you are pleased you can now crack on with the fun bit of painting 😊

  4. So glad you are back this year and with another squad of Rogue Trader Marines. So many memories.

  5. Ah these take me back! I look forward to seeing this project unfold.

  6. Thanks everyone, glad to inspire and motivate. They hold dear memories for me too, about time they saw the battlefield once more, this time dressed for the occasion with two thin coats ;)

  7. I have the same little beakies, bought while on holiday in England around 1992. They came down from my attic just recently and are in a similar state to your own. I think I used scissors and blunt craft knifes to de-sprue them back in the early 90s. I have a few of mine currently soaking in meths to try to loosen the lumpy paint and the poly cement. Looking forward to seeing how yours turn out.

    1. Corvus, yes what were we like eh? Make sure you let me see the Squad you do when you get around to it! Glad I’ve maybe inspired someone to update their precious RTB01 as they deserve ;)

  8. There is NOTHING not to like about this most noble of undertakings.

    I wish I still had mine - shin equipment and all!


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