25 Feb 2018

Imperial Agents - Astra Telepathica - Primaris Psyker

Hello All, thanks for dropping in. Amongst my to-do pile and whilst I should be concentrating on the finishing touches of the RTB01 Squaduary Squad, I got distracted and finished this guy. He was going to be a Psyker with my fledgling Imperial Guard but as they have found a new home with the Genestealer Cult and the one true Four Armed Emperor, this left this Psyker without a force.
I'm not yet sure how forces work with army building Imperium units in a force but this guy could feasibly be in a battlefield role with my Sisters of Battle or Inquisition Forces, even my Grey Knights? He has the Factions - Imperium - Astra Militarum - Astra Telepathica and Scholastica Psykana so I'm sure I can use him somewhere.
He could even mount up in a Taurox with 3 DKK inspired Ogryns as they amount to transport capacity of 9 leaving a spare space for a Commissar or Psyker... and come to play in bigger battles with a Baneblade or two. But for now, it's good to have another loose thread of the to-do pile finished.

Cheers, Siph. (1 painting point)


  1. Nice work on the robes! I think a nice shaded and highlighted red looks awesome on a model.

  2. Very cool. Somehow, you know that when he pinches his fingers and thumb together, somebody's head is going to go pop. Get back to work on the Beakys!

  3. @ Michael, shame my red robes Guard are now all traitor GSC ;)
    @ Monkeychuka, fear not, RTB01 Beakies are finished now. Ha ha


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