12 Feb 2018

Terrain and Scenery- Skyshield Landing Pad

Hi Everyone, thanks for dropping by to have a look-see, the latest addition to the gaming table is an Skyshield  Landing Pad. I am busy this month with getting a squad of RTB01 Marines ready for Squaduary, but in the margins I finished this fairly simple terrain piece. I like terrain as an enhancement to the gaming experience, not to steal the show from the miniatures - so simple effective schemes are the way forward.
I sprayed the model Chaos Black and then a light metallic spray of Leadbelcher, then weathered the top with a blend of Agrax and Nuln Oil before a quick drybrush of Necron Compound.
I picked out the Aquila with Tau Sept Ochre and Khorne Red and a stencil made from tape meant I could paint the white identification numbers.
An effective method of lifting up the scheme was using Stormhost Silver washed with Soulstone Blue for the armoured shield lights and red Bloodletter Glazed lights for the underside and the landing pad itself.
I picked out some details with Retributor Gold just to make it more 40K and yet functional, and the large lamps with Khorne Red and a weathered drybrush of my usual basing brown.
There you have it, simple, effective and functional scenery. Hopefully it inspires you to get some of that grey bare plastic scenery lurking in the to-do pile out and finished, it really enhances the games!

I've a second one of these which arrived warped and half extruded so will be ideal for a ruined building with bombed pad - and thanks to Games Workshop for replacing it free of charge with this one, giving me the opportunity to make a characterful damaged one.  Cheers, Siph.


  1. My Nid skyshield is a little frustrating at the moment. The surface of the pad has a smaller area than the Imperial version, as mine is hexagonal and the edges are curved. Unfortunately though the footprint is wider, and wider than 12".

    Which means that 6th and 7th edition rules which allowed it to be deployed in table halves and then Deployment Zone but if it didn't fit the rules allowed you to expand the DZ to accomodate your force [really, they allowed that!].

    Now though it specifically states your force must be deployed 'wholly' in your DZ and Dawn of War just won't fit... so I'm looking forward to explaining all this at GT3 and if they don't want me to deploy it I'll have to keep it off... Lets see which persons will take me up on it?

    1. Argh, hopefully the TO will allow it, ‘‘tis a thing of beauty and you didn’t model it to have a gaming advantage.

  2. Great work! I must admit to wanting to buy one of these too now.


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