14 Feb 2018

Squaduary 2018 - RTB01 Tactical Squad - End of Week 2

Hi All, end of week 2 for my Squaduary pledge and I've made some decent progress I reckon, not as much as a few blogger buddies (Nick, Michael) but getting there - and thats the important thing, getting paint on this bit of the massive to-do pile.
Here is the progress so far, besides having to do bases and I've done the basecoat spray on all. 4 Squaduary members of this Tactical Squad down, and arguably the two most complex, the Veteran Sergeant Cato with 4th Company banner and the Heavy Weapon Specialist with the Missile Launcher. Pluss, two Bolter armed Marines meaning quite good progress I think for halfway through, I should make my pledge :)
What is it all about - a bunch of hobbyists getting motivated to do long overdue Squads... Rory at Stepping Between Games blog has done a great job corralling us all again this year to pledge to get some paint on our piles of grey (in this case cream coloured) plastic. Loving it so far this year, really helps seeing everyone else's work - Rory will be posting the halfway progress report tomorrow.

Cheers for stopping by, and keep up fellow Squaduary-teers! Your progress motivates me to keep to the schedule ;)

Cheers, Siph.


  1. Cracking progress dude, looking great already :)

  2. Flying along there you are. A fine addition to your collection.

  3. @ NafNaf, Grenn Dal and Rory - Thanks ;) Feels like we are getting there, looking forward to fielding two of these squads and the Mk1b Rhino, a detachment of old school cool.


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