19 Feb 2018

Imperial Agents - Grey Knight Brotherhood Champion

Hi All, making good progress with my Squaduary pledge of a Tactical Squad “Beakie” RTB01 Marines and as a distraction from the job in hand (fellow sufferers of HBS Hobby Butterfly Syndrome will understand) I saw this.

Thanks for dropping in. Good to get another mini off the to-do pile, a Brotherhood Champion actually painted by The Pirate Viking at The Beard Bunker and bought as a job lot with some Terminators and a Strike Squad plus unpainted Interceptors. And the Grey Knight Rifleman Dreadnought, the only one not still in the to-do pile from Jul 2016
I've just satisfied my Hobby Butterfly and got this mini rebased to match my own and extended with a 32mm adapter, and off the to-do pile.
I quite like the black Force Sword look with lightning effect and gloss varnish, look like obsidian blades. And yes, this is actually the Castellan Crowe Purifier HQ model, but painted as a 'normal' Grey Knight - so is now my Brotherhood Champion, eagerly awaiting some reinforcements... after Squaduary we'll see what else the to-do pile presents before the Hobby Butterfly once again flutters away to other projects... might even paint something myself for once ;)

Cheers, Siph. (No painting points for a simple re-base)

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