5 Feb 2018

Re-basing Characters to 32mm Bases from 25mm - TTAdapters

Hi All, cracking on with Squaduary this month, will be posting progress later in the week so in the meantime just some housekeeping on the side, HBS (Hobby Butterfly Syndrome) hits again, and I need to clear some of my niggly to-do pile. So, I re-based some of my SM Characters, deservedly so, if there was any character that needed a bigger base it was the Chaplain with Jump Pack, a top heavy metal sculpt!
Three more here, love the Chaplain pose above and the Librarian with Jump Pack I think looks awesome. I re-based the Captain ages ago, a true Relictor hero with a Daemon Weapon fighting Chaos with Chaos - the other two keeping a close eye on him ;)

Only another 120 Marines to re-base... I wrote a quick tutorial HERE and the adapters are available HERE if you fancy them. Cheers, Siph. (and 1 pt for re-basing these Characters)


  1. Cool models. I've never actually owned a Chaplain. "And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers!" and that sort of thing?

  2. @ Monkeychuka, spot on. Get one for your Primaris! It’s a cool sculpt, very Samuel Jackson or at least Lawrence Fishburne in the big leather coat

  3. I thought about these a while back, I'd have been better served picking them up instead of investing in the movement trays but really it's only for around 30 Space Marines, the benefits of waiting 20+ years to paint your Dark Angels with a venegeance! ;)

  4. I got a ton of those when they did their kickstarter, because I have a big CSM collection going back to when they were all metal. Still working through them, and I've got a bunch saved up in case of other things (e.g. Scouts or Daemonettes) getting swapped over to larger bases. By a good margin, they're my favorite adapters that I've seen. The only ones I know of that get the height boost as well.

  5. @ Dave W, they are great adapters. So a hundred Marines less than me to do then!
    @ Westrider, exactly that. They have been great and work really well, a touch of greenstuff on the join and jobs a goodun. I bought a fair few myself on the Kickstarter!

  6. Looking good Siph! I got a load of those adapters and did all my Space Wolves. They are great, and you can tell the difference between a normal 32mm and the bases with adapters on


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