10 Feb 2018

Reaver Titan - WIP #21 - Weapons Up!

 Hi One and All!

Another quick post- work has been pretty crazy again with 4 days away from home..

I've started work on the different carapace options for the Reaver, having both the Twin Laser Destructor and Plasma Blastgun options to go with the Apoc launcher. These are the warhound weapons which I've converted to fit the reaver.
 I've opted to use 2 pins for the join, I had considered magnets, however after dry fitting the weapons I spotted that the pins work well to hold the weapon in place as its quiet a tight fit. I might add magnets to be sure though..
The pins were glued into the Launcher base- I felt this looked right for the weapon stand, and allows rotation of the weapon. I then did the old trick of painting the top of the pin and then pushed the weapon on top to mark where to drip into. This worked really well and is a trick I've used for years..
 Final results- just need to add some paint to it!
thanks for looking!

Cheers LH


  1. oooh. Starting to look badass!

  2. Really coming along there, won't be long before it is all together.


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