19 Mar 2018

Necron Deathmarks - Hunters from Hyperspace - Squad #2

Hi All, thanks for having a look and feel free to have a look around our humble corner of the blogosphere... Here is the latest addition to the Necron Dynasty, another 5 man squad of Necron Deathmarks. Now I can (maybe) make a punch with a larger squad of ten if desired. Their only outing so far for the first Squad was a Deep Strike mishap - something i will not miss in 8th!
I followed my own scheme from before (seen HERE) so these slot right in with the others, I really like the sombre blacks these pseudo snipers are adorned in - must be some sort of Necron-trickery xenos-tech camouflage?
I was relieved to see these still have some tricks up their 'sleeves'/pistons in 8th Edition, Hunters from Hyperspace survived so these can effectively Deep Strike, but the Ethereal Interception rule is the funky one, where these can Deep Strike (outside of 9in, but within 12in of an enemy who arrived during the game through perhaps Deep Strike themselves) and attack that enemy unit as if it was my own shooting phase. Coupled with 24in Rapid Fire, means now I can have 20x S4 Character aimed shots which on a wound roll 6+ is a Mortal Wound in addition to any other damage.
And finally a shot of the rears, 'cos you don't often get to see the other angles ;)  Cheers for dropping by, thanks, Siph. (5 pts for these Troop sized chaps)


  1. Really like the black scheme on them. Suits very nicely. Cracking job (and just in time for the codex :) )

  2. 24" rapid fire ? ok, but Deep Striking and 3+ save as well ? I'd max them out, said the guy whose last game was in 5th.

  3. @ CJ, Thanks man.
    @ NafNaf, sweet aren't they? ha ha. Yep, working on some Necron Units ahead of the Codex, diminishing that to-do pile still.
    @ Zzzzzz, yep, that's the plan, squad of 10 done now. Any larger and placement becomes an issue, but the weapon suffers from no save modifier so twenty shots against Marine 3+ save isn't too devastating and retaliation in CC means placement also needs back-up. The Mortal Wounds on a 6+ in addition to the save-able wound and Character sniping ability goes a long way to making them good though. Here's hoping for a -1 save modifier in the new Codex...

  4. Looking well, always been some of the best looking Necron models. Like the scheme and paint you got on them.

  5. Thought you were saying that Deathmarks only cost 5 pts for a minute there! I love those models and refused to paint mine in the standard 'rusticrons' colour scheme because I wanted them to look nice. Your scheme is awesome and the black and silver armour just makes them look badass.

  6. @ Rory, thanks mate, yeah I really like these next to the Immortals, but the Immortal cables look cool too.
    @ Monkeychuka, cheers, just a shame they are sub par on the battlefield, maybe the Codex will fix these... AP or extra shots will help...


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