29 Mar 2018

Imperial Knights - Armiger Warglaive - WIP

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The moment Forgebane was up for pre-order I knew I had to order copies, and lucky for me my box of goodies arrived on Saturday morning! straight into action I built one of the knights to see how I could get LED's in like all my previous knights. Currently my knight order numbers 11 built, with another few to be built including the other Armiger knights. I am planning on doing a post showing them once all are finished with transfers.
The kit was really easy to build, and straightforward. I have, like my other plastic knights added a little plastic between the legs and torso to allow the torso to rotate. I've also not glued the arms into a fixed position.

The tricky part was getting the light fixtures in- this is the smallest cavity to work in with all the knights. I've used 2 1mm red LED's, fixed in with a wire connector which I've cut into 2 pieces. this connects to a single CR2032 battery holder with a switch. 1mm holes were drilled into the head sections, then into the body of the knight to allow access for the wires. Then the lights were positioned and taped into the head with strong tape, and then the head glued together.
The model is painted like my other knights, with metallic red over a silver skeleton - with yellow added to the front shoulder pauldrons. Here I will add knight markings. For my knight force, Red denotes a 'knight', green armour for a Baron, and then a different colour for the Lord.
Overall I'm happy with the look of the knight, and he looks perfectly at home with a selection of the knights I have so far!

Thanks for looking! LH


  1. LEDs are cool and stuff. I'm trying to figure out some mini speakers so all my Knights can have braying warhorns XD

  2. LEDs!? Awesome! These already look great!!

  3. LH, Armiger Warglaives don't count as Knights! They are tiny 2-3 make a LoW slot ;) Even so, 11 already is a bit excessive lol, makes for a great battle tho. I think my Knights need to be built and painted, a mere 4 but as Legio Astorum consorts, in the livery of Legio Astorum blue and yellow and brass/gold trim. I'll paint up an Armiger to test the scheme and move on up from there... soonish.


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