2 Apr 2018

Necron Dynasty - Canoptek Wraiths Squad #1

Hello All, thanks for having a look-see, here is the latest addition to my Necron Dynasty now the new Codex is about - a squad of Canoptek Wraiths. I may have missed the OP boat with these in 7th, Whip Coils were king reducing the enemy to Initiative 1, now Whip Coils are just an extra Combat Round before removing the model.
I painted the usual metallic parts and red gauss, but after the Tomb Stalker I did with a sheer metallic shell, I thought I'd mix it up with the carapace colours just like my other Canoptek constructs, the Canoptek Scarabs.
The many many gauss energy points were a tax but I think the outcome looks great. I've also put a 2 pence piece in the underside of the base to make them more stable.
That's all for now, enjoying getting some of these long overdue minis off the to-do pile. Thanks for dropping in, cheers Siph. (6pts for these three)


  1. Wow, those are neat! I really like how the colors play visually with this model. Very dynamic, well done!

  2. Wraiths are no longer OP?! What were they thinking!? At least I didn't buy 18 of the buggers like most Necron players I know. I like your blue carapace the best but mix n' match totally works and goes with the rest of your army as you say. Mine look grubby and half-arsed next to your crisp, clean colours. Weighting the bases is mandatory, great job!

  3. I really dig that scheme - Good stuff, man!

  4. @ Neverness, thanks mate, I’ll mix up the blue carapace and silvers in the next 9...
    @ Monkeychuka, cheers and yes balancing Wriths for 8th might lead to some other Necron builds out there ;)
    @ Mordian7th, cheers Fella

  5. I love the pose on the one that's gone all 'face-hugger', don't recall seeing one so animated before.

  6. @ Dave W, thanks mate, yeah I thought the taller one deserved a pouncing pose about to strike. The next three will get a mix up of these poses and arm/leg positioning... there is only so much variation in a kit of three.


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