6 Apr 2018

Reaver Titan WIP Update - #22 Legs completed

Hi one and all,

Just a quick update post with my Reaver Titan, I've now completed the legs, and have added the armour plates, toes and pistons to the model. Pleased to say they all when well with this stage. I had put off this part of the build, due to having to cut the pistons to size, and was still toying with options for a base, thus the toes would be slightly positioned differently. I opted to go without the base, so toes glued into position!
The armour plates have had washes and highlights added to them, the toes will need a final gold trim around the base. Also to complete is the knee pistons and housing. These will be done as I complete the upper leg section.
Next part for the build will be the head and torso - hopefully there will be a big post next week..
Cheers! LH


  1. Coming together nicely, don’t forget to send some WIP pictures to Titan Owners Club too.

  2. Sweet Folly of Magnus that is massive. Glad to see it coming along well.


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