11 Jun 2021

Update - New Hobby Space/Office

 Hello All!

I thought I'd post a couple of WIP pictures of the new Hobby Space, and how I've tried to maximise space and storage.. 

I've got a 4x4 ft games table supported on Besta units which are perfect for storing larger Titans. I am planning to add lights inside and under the units. 

I've also added a 3rd Bookcase to add further space for models. 2 will be used for completed models, whilst the 3rd is next to my desk which will hold my WIP models.  This has also allowed me to add a little more space to the painting area. 

 Opposite the  paint area, I have my office space for my day job, The plan is to have a 3D printer set up as this is an aspect of the hobby as something I would really love to get into more!

I've then got 3 glass units to store further models, again these will have lights added. 


Slowly getting there, but really happy with how the 'Weeman Den' is coming together! LH


  1. Very nice!! That is a fantastic hobby den :-) I really need to get another display case...

  2. That is an awesome hobby den! I love the terrain as well.

  3. Laughing at the idea that any of your units/formations can effectively 'game' on a 4X4 table.

    Very kool, nonetheless. When we're allowed again, I'd like to pop 'round and sit there for half an hour, basking in the rays given off by your completed models. Maybe it'll help....


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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