25 Jun 2021

Warbringer update WIP #2

 Hello All!

Quick update, I've started the build of the Warbringer, with the legs and torso almost complete. The leg armour sections are not fixed, so that I can paint them seperately. The legs have been fully pinned other than the left foot which I had left unfixed to make sure I've got space for the armour plates, as the kit is quite unforgiving.. 

I am really happy with the pose, The plan is to have the model slightly looking to the right, I am thinking I will do a repeat as my first Warbringer, and turn the arm supports round by 90, so that the support acts more like a elbow joint to allow the weapon to be angled on the vertical axis.


There are a couple of bitz missing from the kit, and am waiting on FW to get them over to me to continue the build. 

The head has had the eye holes drilled ready for the LED's to be added.. Hopefully will have a image of this next week for you!



  1. Replies
    1. John, a little bigger than the Reaver, last photo in this Post shows the comparison:

  2. Awesome progress Brother, I knew once you’d got your new Hobby room up and running you’d be knocking out the Titans once again!


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