21 Jun 2021

Warlord Titan - Mori-Quake Cannon - WIP #2

Hello Titanseers and All, thanks for dropping by. Back in April I posted my progress on a new additional weapon arm for my existing Warlord Titan (HERE). This just continues the work in progress, what can I say - I am slow (3.5yrs for the Warlord!) and its a BIG gun!
The gun shield is getting there, stripes and decals and trim two coats are done, just weathering of the trim to do and a final lacquer coat to protect. I may have gone overboard with stripes, maybe diagonal panels would be enough but I like them, they look difficult but easy to do with masking tape and look effective. All my Maniple have striped panels and the Warlord has a striped Shin so this just continues the theme.
The main gun just has its undercoat and spray of Leadbelcher, I've yet to wash with my Nuln/Agrax wash and drybrush with Necron Compound. The Belicosa Volcano Cannon shows the final effect. Not sure if I should do as much heat stain, just limit it to carbon soot weathering instead, its a big shell thrower not a laser.
The main barrel might get a black coat sleeve too, or leave as is, bare metal? What are your thoughts on barrel colour and heat staining? Cheers

Thanks for dropping by, Siph.


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  1. Love the work. The gun shield is going to be something to behold when complete...it's already looking grand.

    I hear you on the heat staining. A decent smoky barrel would do the trick for me...though I imagine firing shells the size of barns does heat things up some. ;)


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