4 Jun 2021

I'm still here! and a 'TITANIC' project to get on with...

 Hello one and all,

Firstly my apologise to Siph for my poor blogging, and lack of hobby time! moving house, and then work on said house has zapped all hobby time! however the office/hobby space is getting there and can look to get back on the hobby bike! (I reckon about 3 weeks work for you! Lol - Siph)

So I've recently picked up another titan, this time another Warbringer titan which will be armed with 2 volcano cannons, and then the converted belicosa volcano on the carapace which I was working on prior to the move. I've also opted to have the alternative, Delta head for the Titan. 

The plan is to get the titan up and ready for the Titan Owners Club UK walk in August.. wish me luck! LH


  1. Welcome back my friend! ;) haha

  2. that's a tight deadline for such a large project. Good Luck !


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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