24 Feb 2023

Deathwatch Space Marine - Relictors Captain

Hello one and all! Another week, another completed model! this time a Relictors Captian of the Deathwatch. 

I wanted the Captain to feel like a 'Heretical' Relictor, and by that, I wanted him to be armed with something chaosy! Thus, a Hellblade was used! I also opted for a Skull helm - 3D printed, acquired bia that auction site. This fits in nicely with the look I was going for.
An honour from the command marine (firstborn) was added to mark him out a little more.
The base model was the Primaris Captain model, with only the weapon and head swap, with a deathwatch left shoilder pauldon added. The scheme was the same as all the other Deathwatch marines.
The blade was painted to have a more 'firey' appearance with a black base, then red/yellow added as a wider highlight.

Happy with the force - now on to more Marines! LH (10pts)


  1. love it, great use of the Bloodletter sword!

  2. Nice model but your painting on this is no where near as good as on your next post where you present a whole squad.

    1. I didn't paint these Phil... it was Lord Halfpenny, the other author - he is less experienced at painting a shed tonne of Relictors ;) but painted as a tribute to mine.

    2. Lots of promise though. Practice makes perfect.


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