27 Feb 2023

Squaduary 2023 - Relictors Chapter Space Marines - Primaris Reivers - COMPLETED

Good day Squaduary Partisipants and dear Readers, thanks for dropping by. I have completed this year's pledge to do an unloved and overdue squad from the to-do pile. Here is my offering to the paint Gods. 
I found it hard to get motivated to paint some 'tacticool' Phobos Marines, eventually when I came back from Titan Walk event and then concentrated on these, I then dropped back into the familiar greys of Relictors and enjoyed the process.
I opted not to paint his respirator canisters red like GW, he has the same grille design as his squad but the knee is detailed in bone like the Primaris Intercessor Sergeants have, and the Squad number is 7, traditional Battle Companies have 1-6 Tactical, 7-8 Assault and 9-10 Devastator Squads, so these reinforcements have continued the tradition. Not aligned to any particular Battle Company, these Primaris reinforcements maintain a grey Relictors trim on the Pauldrons, not the Black or Green of my 5th and 4th Companies.
An arm swap and head angle change makes these two identical Troopers look different.
These two are the other pair of identical Marines, also swapped arms with the other pose.
A few blogs out there are continuing Squaduary events, 262nd Krieg Blog, DAM is doing well with his Dark Angels, check 'em out. Well I have enjoyed Squaduary, another Squad lurking on the to-do pile now completed! I've enjoyed checking out DAM's progress and hopefully a few more people will uphold the tradition of Squaduary.

Cheers, Siph (5pts)

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  1. Sweet completion, congrats! That's a nice looking squad. I toil on...time is running out...


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