8 Feb 2023

Squaduary 2023 - Relictors Primaris Reivers

Welcome Reader, I have continued my Squaduary pledge this week with a simple build of the Reiver Squad. A bit of a cop out with progress as I have been busy with getting a Warlord Titan ready for this weekend Beachhead Walk event!
These are push fit Primaris Reivers, and as such were only in three designs, so some arm swaps and head rotation and I get five individual looking Primaris Marines in Phobos Armour.
Two troopers, identical bodies
The other two twins, now with different arms.

Right that's it for this week Squaduary, I will get some paint on these and start the process proper after this weekend's Titan Walk!

Cheers, Siph


  1. Yeah I have a squad just like this that needs painting as well, don't think I'll get them painted up this month tho...

  2. So blue!! I still can't get my head out of the grey plastic zone...these newer colored models continue to throw me off. Nice variations on the poses. I look forward to seeing the paintwork!

  3. Every bit of progress counts! Looking forward to seeing them get the Relictors treatment.


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