4 Jan 2021

Genestealer Cult - Relic Baneblade - Armorcast Super Detailed Baneblade


Hello All, something quite historical and super rare this week, a "Super Detailed Armorcast Baneblade", from before Forge World existed. I have had this model for over 20 years sitting at the bottom of the to-do pile mountain and the time I do have to hobby is spent on painting my current Titans and Relictors, so I shipped off the kit to Castle Brush Studios in Poland for a commission paint job - and I am totally satisfied with the customer experience and end results - thank you to Simon and the team at Castle Brush Studio.
I gave them the kit with a few additions, I had chopped off the original triple Bolter side-sponsons and provided modern plastic ones, removed the front Baneblade Cannon barrel so it represents the modern armament of a Demolisher Cannon, added mud flaps to the front to lengthen the whole tank to the same length as the modern plastic kit, supplied GSC icons and a Tank Commander from the Achilles Ridgerunner buggy set and some Death Korps of Kreig atmospheric filters and Heavy Stubbers - I wanted this tank to look like a relic plundered from the local Planetary Force reserve stores.
Castle Brush Studio through great communication added the scheme I wanted to match my existing GSC forces, and weathered the kit to rightly look like the 3rd line reserve forces abandoned and forgotten - hence the older rarer pattern of Baneblade not the usual mass produced front line units the Guard have.
The Imperial icons were defaced and the stowages supplied with a spare Rock Hammer and Mining Laser.
The Machine Spirit has been defaced and violated in the name of the true Four Armed Emperor...
I love that it is an old kit, you know its a Baneblade but it looks completely different to the modern plastic kit - great to define that this is the relic abandoned reserve of a PDF.
All I did to the great job that Castle Brush Studio did was add a couple of paint streaks to the stenciled graffiti.
I had agreed to have an armoured iris on the Searchlight, however with 2nd thoughts I changed my mind so repainted the glass of the searchlight.
I touched up the Heavy Bolters to have laser range sights to match my existing forces.
I love the look of the tank, a great job by the Studio and the characterful kit means I am very happy with this kit and its great to have it done and off the to-do mountain!
I added the spare metal Track Links to the plain armoured glacis.
This is what the kit looks like, a hybrid resin kit with metal details and some FW/plastics I threw in... I will leave you with some parting shots...
My thanks to Castle Brush Studio for an excellent customer experience, if you have the money and not the time, check them out - they provide an excellent service. Have a great 2021 and hopefully some battles (of the tabletop miniature type!).

Cheers, Siph.


  1. Rust effects are excellent and I love the way the GSC icon looks hastily stencilled over the existing insignia by heretical guardsmen (or vaguely non human guardsmen).

  2. Brings back memories of my old armorcast Shadowsword, hadn't thought about that old tank in years...

  3. That is a thing of beauty.

  4. Great work! A unique model that should fit in very well with the Cult.


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