18 Jan 2021

Imperial Knights - Freeblades - Gerantius the Forgotten Knight

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. So, two Editions of 40K late and no longer OP, I finally got around to getting a representation of the much maligned 'Gerantius', 'The Forgotten Knight' special character. 
Not my own work, a eBay purchase and a few tweaks to make my own. I added the Gerantius Decals to the shoulder Pauldrons, weapon and Banner, the original only had two smaller freehand decals plus the shin decals. It is an excellent paint job, neat highlights and clean looking - I like it, Gerantius must have good support in system!
I also swapped both arms, the original had them the other way around but in all artwork, and the shape of the weapon shield it made sense to swap them back, so a razor saw and some glue and harmony was restored.
I added a small red skull kill marking for interest, and based the knight like all my other forces, adding some slate chips from the garden. The tufts are from Gamers Grass and the base is Mournfang Brown (Caltham Brown pot from the basing set now OOP, I have a litre of it!), Ushabti Bone and Karak Stone drybrushing on base and slate.
I am pleased to finally have Gerantius, The Forgotten Knight in the forces available - game wise he can be a Freeblade with Questoris Errant equipment, not so OP as before, but a nice historic addition nevertheless!

Cheers, Siph. 


  1. I like it! It came out great. Does Gerantius have stats in this edition or is he one of those rare characters that's really just a paint scheme?

    1. Just a paint scheme now Buddy, but can run as a Freeblade which have good and bad traits so some character flaws but decent bonuses

  2. I like Freeblades, I think they are often overlooked ruleswise. Random 2 bonuses and 1 random issue is the way to go. Always fun to see what happens next with them.

    My Euronymous the Fallen Knight was based on this scheme but tweaked to align more with my Dark Angels, black and DA green instead of emerald and jade [or similar].

  3. That's a really good Gernatius.


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