28 Dec 2020

Imperial Knights - Vassal Knights of Legio Astorum - Knight Gallant Sir Taurus in "Carnivore"

Hello All, hope you are enjoying the TitanGuard/Holidays/Christmas season - I wish you a better 2021!  I have added to my Vassal Knights Banner with the meaty addition of a close-combat orientated Questoris Knight Gallant, this one has been christened "Carnivore" and is rode by Sir Taurus (names generated from the Engine War supplement (puns intended)...
As with my other Astorum Vassal Knights, I adapted the Terryn pattern livery, substituting whites with Astorum Yellows and the heads are painted yellow. Gold trim and decals from Legio Astorum Titan Transfer sheet - now running low! Come on Forge World, they've been OOP for over a year and i'm not paying scalpers £200 for a £20 sheet! £20 was steep!
The bases follow my standard pattern with slate chips, sand and PVA glue and Mournfang Brown / Karrak Stone / Ushabti Bone drybrush highlights. 
The under structure got some Balthasar Gold 'brass' detailing and the characteristic green power cables common across all my Imperial armies.
Sir Taurus' personal heraldry appears on the right forward pauldron whilst the rear pauldron's show Legio Astorum's unyielding devotion to the Imperial Creed.
The tilting shield heraldry is again from the Legio Astorum Titan decal sheet, with a few purity seals added.
The Legio Astorum sigil proud on the Knight's cockpit cover.
The carapace Rocket Pod is detachable, with a brass rod into the centre mounting. Good for swapping between mounts for the ease of list building.

Cheers, hope you have plenty of Crimbo pressies to keep you entertained. Siph. (20pts)



  1. Another great addition. Good work. The heraldry really makes these guys shine. So much visual interest.

  2. Oooof!! He looks brilliant!! I had to reverse one of my paint schemes this year so that I could use the last of my Knight decals :-) We do what we must...


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