22 Dec 2020

Legio Astorum - Reaver Titan "Aquila Oculus" Addendum - Banners!

Hello Titanseers, a bonus post before Christmas, my good friend Drake from TOC and Battle Bunnies sent me the banners we designed (well I sketched a rough pencil scribble - he did the graphical design wizardry!) and now Aquila Oculus proudly displays her allegiances to the Imperium, Astorum and Titan Owners Club ;) 
I hope you agree the banners do finish off this fine Titan quite well, and for those old enough to remember, envoke a little feeling towards the pictures found in 1st Edn Adeptus Titanicus and WD's of the 90's... big banners from Titans was all the rage!
I asked for the same style blue and yellow sections as all the banners of Astorum at the time were of similar designs.
Now hopefully the banner poles and odd shaped rear Void Projectors make more sense!

Cheers all for following along with this build and now I have started the next Titan, a strip and rebuild of  a Mars Warhound Titan. 

Have a great Christmas all.

Siph and Lord Halfpenny


  1. Banner poles; of course! I had wondered why the big bug antennae when compared to the the Reaver in the maniple. :) The banners came out great. She looks great in full parade dress.

  2. Lovely stuff as always... and the plans for next year are????

    1. Phil, next year I have a Lucius Hound, a Mars Hound and a Warbringer in the to do pile but knowing me I’ll get distracted! Have a great one yourself!

  3. Three titans ?!?! And there was me worried about one knight.

    Fantastic looking job, Siph. Your titan killing titan is superb.

  4. Merry Christmas, folks.

    Wonder if I can convince the wife that a titan instead of a Christmas tree is the way forward ...

  5. quality stuff mate! looks incredible!


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