25 Nov 2012

Terrain and Scenery - Tank Traps

Now, I can be accused of spending too much time at the moment playing the free download game World Of Tanks (Player - Siph) but I haven't neglected the world of Weemen totally, whilst the other contributors Lord Halfpenny and 6thDegree prepare for BlogWars4, I've been slowly plodding away at a squad of shooty Termies and these 'tank' related Tank Traps or Dragons Teeth.
These are from Battlefield in a Box, and come ready painted, and are made of very hard wearing dense resin, nice, but hear me out - the scheme doesn't match the bases of my miniatures or other scenery like last week's Bastion, therefore, I repainted the bases with the huge pot of Calthan Brown I got, drybrushed with Kommando Khaki and Bleached Bone and added some vegetation patches as normal - now they match the bases perfectly.
I'll post the Termies next with these to show the matching bases and as a size comparison.

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