5 Nov 2012

Iron Warriors- Hellbrute

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything new, but I seem to have been painting constantly with nothing to show for it...mainly because I am working on multiple projects right now and am trying to finish complete units before I take pics and post them up.
The first finished unit is the Hellbrute from the Dark Vengence starter set. I had originally planned to make some conversions to the model to make it a little more “Iron Warrior” than its current daemonic/spikey appearance (despite how awesome they look), but then I managed to get my hands on a second Hellbrute – so I left this one as standard and the other one is getting converted to hell (I am thinking long-range shooty death)!
I am pretty happy with how this turned out – the metallics and chevrons turned out aged and battle-scarred and the flesh is supposed to look like something that could have once been Astartes millenia ago...
I had a bit of a play with some pigment powders on the feet and legs, to try and tie the model into the dirt of the battlefield on its base.


  1. Man, that is fantastic!

    Going to bookmark this for when I get around to my own Iron Warriors.

  2. Wow! So much for the 'average painters' as the banner says...

  3. This is a great job 6thDegree, your Iron Warriors are looking tip top so far! Great skills, maybe we will have to change the banner to Average Painters +1, lol

  4. This dude, looks sweet! Look forward to seeing more!
    Definitely very Iron Warriors without much need for conversion at all! Bring on 2 more!

  5. Excellent! Looks really grim and dark.

  6. Nice work on this. So much better than the crimson slaughter rubbish GW went for to market the model.

    Your version actually may sway me to getting one for myself, whereas GW's put me off completely.

  7. Cheers for all the positive comments guys!

    I'm currently working on another one - pretty heavily converted this time (completely re-posed and re-armed). Hopefully it will live up to this one!

  8. Very cool! I like the half worn caution stripes, adds a nice bit of character.


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