16 Nov 2012

Lord Halfpenny @ Blog Wars 4

Quick post...

I've signed up for Blog Wars 4- and will again be taking my daemon army for the fun and frolics!

There has been lots of discussions on the various blogs about the broken units, and potential for some serious uber army builds, and having seen the way that the daemons performed in my last battle verse Siph I feel quite comfortable with a list mixing all 4 gods.

So-- the question is what to take, last BW I went for a mono list army, based around Khorne- this really didn't play the way I thought it would, and found myself lacking serious fire-power.

This time, I've gone for a mix, the better units from each god. The problem I have is that originally I wasn't going to be able to make it to BW4, thus I haven't painted much for it- thus I have quite a lot to paint in a short period of time.

By provisional list:

Fateweaver (to be painted)

5 flamer unit (to be painted)
3 flamer unit (to be painted)
3 Bloodcrusher Unit

8 Bloodletters
7 Plaguebearers
5 Pink Horrors, plus the changling (to be painted)
5 Pink Horrors

3 Screamers (to be painted)
5 Seekers (to be painted)

Daemon Prince with Wings, Iron Hind, Breath of Chaos
Soul Grinder

I think the list on paper isn't to over kill, and fell that it has the right contrast of dakka and chopy- I also don't think I've got too far with the units (3x9 flamers anyone?!?) I also feel that the force should be fun to play with, as well as to be battle against. The previous Khorne army was a one trick pony, and easy to play against..

now the question is will I get it all painted!!!


  1. Good luck both of you! That's a 100% BlogWars attendance from Weemen!

  2. That is alot to paint in little time, hope you can make it.


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