27 Nov 2012

Relictors Tactical Terminator Squad

Finally I completed a squad of shooty Terminators, this squad is made up from 3 AOBR Termies, a free WD front cover Termie and a normal Boxed Termie, but with an arm swap with an AOBR one to make them  individual.
I've also removed the front shield on the normal squad members as the Boxed Termies didn't have them, just the Assault Termies and Sergeants.
Here's a close up of the Sergeants face, I am rather proud of the work here, I think his face looks good, I used Dwarf Flesh, Ogryn Flesh Wash and Elf Flesh. The last time I did a Terminator Sergeant's face was here, in 2009, but that was a fluke - I'm glad I can reproduce my efforts once again! The power sword uses my normal reciepe of Regal Blue, heavily washed with Badab Black and edges with Enchanted Blue mixed with Skull White.
And finally, I did a shot of the squad on the Tank Trap terrain featured in the last post for size comparison and to show how the repainted scenery now matches the bases.


  1. That's a nice smooth look on the face, a good recipe.

  2. Hurrah Relictors!

    The tank traps look great too!

  3. These guys look very slick mate!

  4. Thanks Guys, still plodding along with some more... I am so slow. Good Luck at BlogWars4 Andy-bG!


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