20 Nov 2012

Terrain and Scenery - Imperial Bastion

 I was getting bored of fighting over grey plastic scenery, even with beautifully (i think so) painted weemen, the scenery takes away from the experience, so, I did some. Just a start, but better than nothing I guess. I find scenery is often done last, but I vow to change it. Maybe...
 Catachan Green with a simple drybrush of Boltgun Metal and some Chestnut Ink (i have some still!!) in the rivets, based as same as minis. What I did find out that to my delight, the huge pot of paint in the GW Scenery Painting Pack designed for the Realm Of Battle Boards, is Calthan Brown.... my basing colour of choice and now a virtual endless supply of! :)
 Transfers from an Imperial Guard Tank sheet and voila, easy... now why has it taken me this long to do some...?
 And a little progress on my to do pile, I have a ton of spare arms of dreads hanging about, so for the sake of completion, and another option, a Hurricane Bolter Arm. Which brings me onto the last post i did... I need more transfers of the numeral 5. Help!
Thanks for stopping by. And good luck to 6thDegree and Lord Halfpenny at BlogWars 4!!! Keeping up the Weeman attendance record 100%.

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  1. Are the transfers from the standard space marine sheet? If so drop me an email and I'll post you some 5s and whatever else.


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