23 Oct 2012

Relictors Devastator Squad X Rhino / Razorback Transport

So 6thDegree wants to see more progress on my Necrons, sry.. lots of Power Armour goodness to do, especially after my Gamesday purchases (Fellblade anyone??)... This is my latest offering for my Relictors continued painting war in order to reach the goal of a completed Battle Company. I get distracted by other more 'fun' toys (darn you FW!!), however, this actually counts towards that goal. The top hatch is magnetized for either Hatch or Razorback Turret.
This is my 8th Rhino/Razorback now, but if you include all Rhino STC APC's, that's something like 15 in the Relictor motorpool.
The chevron markings are once again FW Space Marine Transfers, they seemed to go on easy this time, nothing like practice makes perfect. This is 10th Squad's ride, hence the 'X' numeral. And 5th Company again, hence the '5'.
Here is a shot of both Devastator Squad's transports, they are very similar on purpose, uniformity and all that...
And a final shot of Squad X enjoying their new ride. Just how do they all fit in there?


  1. Nice work! I really dig how that turned out!

  2. Looking nice!

    That sure is a lot of tanks! You hoping to actually field the whole compnay in an Apoc game soon then? How many points would it come to?


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