20 Aug 2018

Imperial Agents - Grey Knight Strike Squad

Hi All, thanks for dropping in. The last and latest squad of my Grey Knights force that was painted by Jeff at the Beard Bunker along with some Terminators and the Grey Knight Rifleman Dreadnought in Jul 2016 so its good to have these off the niggly to-do pile and join my forces properly.  It won't be the last Grey Knights tho, I have some more I need to paint myself.
The Justicar is armed with a Daemon Hammer for some high strength strikes and the specialist has a Psycannon which I painted myself so see if I could match Jeff's scheme, so I am glad I could so the rest of the force will match these.
This Squad is armed with the Force Halberds for the added strength against tougher targets, but the next squad will be Falchions as two swords with an extra attack works out better when you do the odds and looks cool... but Halberds are the classic GK look and Jeff armed them anyway ;)  3 PlusPlus does a great article on the efficiency of the GK weapons, check it out HERE.
The individual warriors have their own heraldry on their armour shown here on the Pauldrons. Thanks Jeff, and thank-you all for dropping by and having a look-see. Cheers, Siph. (2 painting points for the Psycannon and re-basing)


  1. Greet looking knights! Still working on my own Grey Knight characters currently and seeing your completed squad lends more motivation to getting some squads done myself.

  2. Thanks Mike. Cheers DAM, glad to motivate you!

  3. Serious anti deamon hitting power. Always a good idea.


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