27 Aug 2018

Chaos Daemons - Nurglings of Nurgle!

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in and having a look-see. My latest offering was a small distraction job, a set of Nurgle Nurglings I bought on a whim to add to my growing Daemon force. I really like these characterful cheeky little b&st&rds!
A rather in Nurgle taste shot of their backsides... The bases come in three interchangeable rows of Nurglings, I used Zandri Dust or Corax White as a basecoat before washing with Agrax. I picked a few Nurglings out with Deathguard Green and washed with Biel Tan Green wash.
I picked out the horns with Ushabti Bone and washed Sepia. Guts with Screamer Pink and Pink Horror I think. I added Blood for the Blood God after matt spray sealing, and then added Nurgles Rot too - both kept their gloss wet shine. I also added some 'Ardcoat over the guts and tongues.
This base I added one of the individual Nurglings that come with the kit, atop the others. The kit is very customisable, no two bases of Nurglings should ever look the same.
This base had a pair of piggyback Nurglings front and centre. Not sure the one pulling out his entrails and licking them is right in the head...
And here they are in the Battlefield, thanks for dropping by,
Cheers, Siph. (6 painting points)


  1. Nurglings bring the joy!

  2. haha cool man.. they are looking good and funny.. they have a cool bright and cartoon look to them.

  3. They look sooo cute, sooo twee. But remembering what they represent the fact that are cute and funny looking is horrific.

    Lovely work !

  4. Nurglings are always fun. I've got a couple of extra bases lying around half-finished that I should dig out for Azazel's Neglected Mini Challenge in September.

  5. Cheers everyone. Glad I captured the playful side of Papa Nurgle. Neglected Mini Challege in Sep you say? May have to check that out, then it’s Dreadtober in October., I have a Dread awaiting that


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