10 Aug 2018

Legio Crucius Reaver Titan - How I installed the LED's

Hi one and All!

I just thoguth I'd do a quick post about the Reaver, and how I fitted the lights into the Head/ Torso of the model.

The first part, and I can't stress this enough was to plan the installation before I started cutting into the model, one mistake could wreck the model irreversibly. So I planned, and researched how others had added lights to model. I have also experience know with LEDs via the ones I've added to the Knights, FW Knights and Armigers, so I know what space is needed, and how the LED lights need to be housed and positioned.

I wanted to retain the head so that the Princept and crew were present, and initially wanted to have the techmarine in the torso, however I realised this would need two power packs for ease, I opted to forgot the torso- and likewise to paint the features inside other than the head. The eye sockets were drilled out first with a hand drill, then a power tool, making sure not to go all the way through to damage the screens. I then cut into the head, behind the control panels to allow access for the LED's and wires. The wires were run either side of the princept, so it looks a little like more cables running through the head.
The neck was drilled through to allow the cabling to pushed into the torso. The head/Neck is not glued into place so this made this section a lot easier. The wires were then connected via a plastic 2 way connector to the power pack.
Over the whole process was mostly planning and re planning, I think by having thought through the process first helped to get the results I wanted. Happy to offer any advise if anybody would like to do the same..

Cheers LH


  1. That is just wicked AWESOME! I feel LED's work a lot better as the model scales up. They can overpower smaller structures, work great at titan scale!

  2. I agree with Greg, they will look great on the Warlord, especially the two large waist searchlights, big LEDs and plenty of room inside for batteries!


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