4 Dec 2022

Chaos Daemons - Daemons of Nurgle - Nurglings

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. I am deployed again so have a few scheduled posts to keep you entertained and the blog ticking over. I have a few more reinforcements to Nurgle on the heels of the Great Unclean One, some characterful Nurglings. 
These are great objective holders and resilient but I like their playful cartoon like appearance.
I have a rather nuted palette on these ones compared to the previous three bases, seen here
These are stock miniatures straight from the pack, no additions like the previous lot with added extra Nurglings.
A random green skinned one breaks up the same palette and a few goo puddles have been added to the bases.
Here they are added to the previous Nurglings, similar but different enough to differentiate if needed.

Cheers, Siph (6 pts)

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