2 Dec 2022

Deathwatch Veterans and Outriders! - DONE!

 Hello All!

 Further additions to the growing Deathwatch force, completed this week is a 10 man Veteran squad, and a 3 man Primaris Outrider squad.



 This 10 man squad is designed to be either a hard hitting 10 man squad, or 2, 5 combat squads with 2 specific roles, up close and distance combat. 

This squad has a selection of close combat and heavy weaponary, as well as a selection of special weapons for giggles!

the 5 man combat squad also includes the serg' with a combi melta - as it could be useful in the mists of combat!

The 5 man 'heavy' squad includes a heavy bolter, a heavy flamer and a combi heavy bolter/flamer. There is also a melta gun and plasma for some hard hitting action!


This 3 man squad has had some conversions to them to make them more unique than the base set - with the addition of shoulder pads and different helms. similar to the vehicles, the bikes had an armour panel dipicting the home legion of the rider.

Really happy to add more 'troopers' to the growing force! LH (16pts)

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