30 Dec 2022

 Hello One and All,

My final post for 2022 - a year I've slowly got back into the hobby, and started making a dent in my plastic pile of shame!

Up next Primaris...

3 Inceptors.

These 3 have been painted in the same style as my Deathwatch, all with similar details, and colour pallet across the models. I've gone for 2 Plasma and 1 Heavy bolter to mix things up a little, I feel these 3 will be joined into Deathwatch Primaris Kill team squads to mix up the tactical options. (2023 projects..) 

I've used 3D printed stands for the models - however I've reversed them as it allows the model to balance without the need for glue, and weirdly the model seems more stable. Also, this allows me to remove the base for transport, or use the normal base if not allowed to use the stands. 

11 Man Hellblasters

Next we have an 11 man Hellblasters squad - the '12th' man has already been painted with another Primaris squad - the reason for the additional 2, was that I used the 2 Lieutenant models from the Indominus box, as the base for 2 further marines (at the time lieutenants weren't an option..) Thusk I have now got 2 'character' Hellblasters that I could either use as Sergeants, or in a Kill Team. For the conversations I used the spare weapons from the Hellblaster kit, and then added different heads, and additional Space Wolves details from spare parts sprues from other kits. (I'm not sure if I can counts these as Characters as technically the base model was one? LOL Siph?) 

The 2 'old Lieutenant Conversions..

Space Wolve Primaris Marine

Iron Hands Leiutenant centre with the squad

full 11 man squad..

Really happy with these additions to the gorwing force! LH (35pts)

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