18 Dec 2022

Necron Dynasty - Necron Warriors w/ Gauss Reapers #2

Hello Readers, welcome back to part two of the Indomitus Crusade Necron Warriors armed with Gauss Reapers. I am still away at sea so this is scheduled. These are the second ten of the twenty you get in the box set - I chose to arm them with the shorter range Gauss Reapers.
The Gauss Reapers are higher strength, shorter range and better armour penetration compared to Gauss Flayers, so these will form a larger phalanx of Warriors who close the enemy first and foremost.
I haven't got hold of the latest Codex yet, so hopefully I can still field these as a phalanx of 20 warriors to help mitigate against being wiped out before they can Reanimate Protocols.
Here is the 20 Warriors from Indomitus, all armed with the Gauss Reapers
And finally a shot of all my Warriors, truly are Legion now, 75 Warriors is quite a lot I know, but the OCD part of my brain wants 5 more to make 4 big 20 Warrior Phalanxes... 

Cheers, Siph (10pts)


  1. Very cool, a nice block of troops and a terror to behold! Hope your time at sea has gone well.

  2. Great "family" shot. Nice to see a non-green Necron army.

  3. Very impressive, I can almost hear them marching towards me.
    Great work!


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