26 Dec 2022

New Forge World Warlord Titan Requisition - Ex Noctia, Legio Astorum

Warlord Ex Noctia is a Legio Atarus titan of note from the battles at Beta Garmon, however it is now requisitioned to Legio Astorum and undergoing the Rites of Colour for sanctified service under it's new Legio. 

(I have always wanted Warlord 10, I own Reaver 10 and Warhound 10, so when I bought my Warlord on the day of release and received Warlord 104 Dominus Victoria I was a little deflated regarding the number lol, but super excited for a massive frickin' Warlord!! But when Warlord 10 came up for sale recently for the second time, the good Members of Titan Owners Club reached out to me and Lord TITANium Halfpenny drove across country to pick it up (THANKS Mate!). I am now the owner of Forge World Warlord No.10 and will be repainting for Legio Astorum (which is kind of a shame as the paint job by the previous owner Jack B is a fine job.)
To honour the previous history of the Titan, and Princeps Jack B the former owner who graciously sold me the Titan) I am using red as an accent colour, I have repainted the Apocalypse Missile Launchers to an Astorum scheme leaving a red accent on one side.
Luckily the previous owner attached the armour plates after painting and had not cleared the joins of paint or scored the surfaces for a strong hold, so the armour panels came off easily enough for repainting. The Arioch Titan Power Fists were pinned and can be removed, so I am awaiting the other weapons (lost in transit) and will be magnetising these so I can swap between my other Warlord Titan Engines, Dominus Victoria and Malleus Vulnus. 

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  1. Wow!!! What an amazeballs acquisition. Best wishes for the repaint!


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