22 Nov 2021

Relictors Space Marines - Primaris Intercessor Squad #2

Hello all, thanks for dropping by, I've finally gotten around to doing a little more of the Dark Imperium box set of Primaris Marines! Yes, I do take ages and yes the to-do pile is a mountain...
The Sergeant has a Codex compliant red helm, his squad number is noted on his knee armour.
The rest of the squad are identically armed with Bolt Rifles. I opt for grey Pauldron rims as these Primaris reinforcements will be attached to whichever Battle Company they are needed, and remain Codex compliant colours and schemes, not adopting the Company colours.  They have been painted my usual Relictors scheme, Uniform Grey from Army Painter is a match for Codex Grey, now Dawnstone. Washed Nuln Oil, highlighted Administratum Grey.
These are great monopose sculpts with most of the joins hidden in creases or under plate. Very nice addition to the Space Marine range and good reinforcements to my beleaguered Relictors Battle Companies.

Cheers, Siph (5pts)


  1. The ranks continue to swell. Nice work!

  2. The sculpt for these is really good. I just wish they did them in the correct size.

    hastag grumpy old man

  3. Nice work chipping away at the pile! I still haven't gotten out of 90s era minis!


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