13 Oct 2017

Reaver Titan ~ WIP #12 - Paint!

Hi All,

Another week, and another Reaver update, I'm slowly pacing the painting to make sure I'm happy with the overall look of the Titan.

The rear portion has had black/white hazard strips added, I just need to tidy up a few of the lines where the paint has bleed into the other colour.. happy with the look of the two colours together.
 The legs I've added the same brozen coloe to the knee joint as the hip- the next plan is to spray the lower portion of the leg black- this will be hidden behind the armour plates.

 The main carapace has had several sprays to get the look 'right' I've got another round of black spray to complete the look- where I've had 'white spray over'...
 Finally the front pelvis armour piece- this was a demo test (I had 2 pieces in the 1 set..) Again there is a little bleeding of colour- this will be painted silver for battle damage.
Thanks for stopping by and looking! LH


  1. Awesome dude, looking great so far!

  2. Coming together nicely mate, once the trim is done to the armour plates it will look even better, try Frog Tape (from B&Q) instead of masking tape to prevent most bleeding, and the cod piece hazard lines would benefit from painting over every other one to thicken the lines so the hazards overall are of similar size all over the Titan? Just my opinion. Great stuff mate.

  3. Thanks for the comments,

    Siph- I'll check that tape out- I'm using some tape designed for model spraying- I think the issue is mainly my making by being to keen to rip the tape off..

    I'm haivng different sized lines throughout the model hence the two sizes, as the images I've seen of the titans online don't really have a uniform scheme other than black/white some with strips, some checks etc.

  4. And soon IT SHALL WALK!!!

  5. And Tamiya masking tape doesn't bleed if you're firm with it.


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