9 Oct 2017

Dreadtober - Relictors Deredeo Dreadnought - WIP week 1

Hi folks and fellow Dreadtober-teers, reporting in after a week of work, mainly IRL work, but managed some Dreadtober progress in the evenings, all trimmed, washed and one green stuff repair to the Aiolos Missile Launcher pod where bubbles had weakened around the vent and the vent had torn a piece off. Salvaged.
I had to straighten the barrels of the Anvillus Autocannon Array, but that was expected, and I took the step t magnetize the top Aiolos Missile Launcher so if in the future I want to field with either no array or an Atomantic Pavaise sheild thingy, I will be able too.
That's all, by the way I used JB Weld two part epoxy resin Plastic Bonder, it's the nuts! Can't recommend more - its super strong and dries within 15min, great for resin models. It's been used for my Warlord Titan and I love the strong bond, so much better than superglue which is brittle.

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  1. That's looking fantastic, man! Taking time to clean up and straighten things out early on will save you a ton of time and effort later.

  2. It’s coming along nicely by the looks of things


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