16 Oct 2017

Dreadtober - Relictors Deredeo Dreadnought - End of Week 2

Hi folks and fellow Dreadtober-teers, reporting in after the halfway point, some progress has been made and the details are coming together nicely. I've chosen to work on the pieces separately as this speeds up the painting for me as the underlying superstructure needs messy drybrushing, so being separate I can get to the nooks and crannies.
Progress is progress, slow and steady, and I consider some of the more tricky pieces complete, the missile racks lend themselve to be painted separately indeed, and the head is done - that was basecoated white and finished in Ushabti Bone and Sepia recess wash.
Now I need to get on with the main body and legs and positioning so I can get ahead with the base, lots to still do, but I'm pleased with my work after a quite busy week at work IRL and late finishes. Next week will be busier so any progress I make will be a bonus - even if I use the time to wind down before bed, I get a few moments to relax and paint, I'm certainly no speed machine like some of the Dreadtober-teers, looking at you Mordian7th! That man can paint fast! :)

Great to see other participants progress, enjoying being along for the ride. Cheers, Siph.


  1. Nice going! Painting in sub assemblies is definitely the way forward!

  2. Looking good so far, keep on painting!

  3. Good stuff man - Looking forward to seeing it all assembled!

  4. Painting it in pieces is always something I think to do and never follow through on, fair play to you. Looking forward to seeing it all together.

  5. great work on it, that is a lot of separate pieces to keep track of though!


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