12 Oct 2015

Relictors Land Raider Terminus Ultra WIP

Back in 2011 (I know, I know...eons ago!!) I polled the humble readers of this blog what sort of sponson design a Terminus Ultra should have, (that post can be found here), the comical can't shoot at the same target GW design, the innovative Lord Halfpenny turreted design, an extended sponson design or a triple sponson design, your results pleased me as that was what I thought looked awesome... I'm pleased to say after 4 years of distraction, I finally got some progress to report!...

So, my tardiness in getting progress on a readers poll is not great, but I hope you think this design is better! Thanks for dropping by - see I eventually get back to you...   Siph


  1. The triple las looks amazing! That's a really nicely done assembly.

  2. That looks like perfectly reasonable timeframe for a 40K project...


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