19 Jun 2022

Imperial Agents - Grey Knight Strike Squad #2

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by, a long overdue project from 2018 when I bought a small Grey Knight force from Jeff at Beard Bunker blog, and have been adding to or quietly putting to one side for an eventual force... at the moment its purely a display cabinet army, a palette cleanser when I want something else rather than Titans or Relictor Grey...
This is the second Grey Knight Strike Squad, the first can be seen (HERE) but this squad is painted by me to match the original purchased ones. I don't intend to build much more, a Dreadknight maybe as I like the model, but sold some more unpainted ones as they have been languishing in the to-do mountain for half a decade. These got done as a palette cleanser and since I'd already finished a Psycannon Trooper.
The Justicar is armed with the fearsome Daemon Hammer. The paint job was simple enough, over a bright silver spray I used Nuln Oil and then Drakenhoff Nightshade with an over brush of Iron Hands Steel to brighten up the highlights.
The Force Falchion blades were done to match the original force, with Corvus Black and some witchfire flame lightning effects. An a gloss finish like obsidian.
The Force Falchions are great for extra attacks. The reds are Mephiston Red, Agrax and highlighted Evil Sunz Scarlet. Golds Retributor, washed Reikland and highlighted Auric Armour.
Another Force Falchion trooper.
The Psycannon painted in 2018, matches these new additions and the original force.
The personal heraldry on the shoulder pauldron.
That's a nice palette cleanser and a long overdue project of the to-do list. Thanks for dropping by and whilst I have the motivation maybe I'll tackle some long overdue Genestealers for the stalled Genestealer Cult, another shelf army.

Cheers, Siph (4pts)


  1. Grey knights are always so striking. Nice work!

  2. I've got a box, always intended to mix them with a normal tactical squad and have two squads of Exorcists. Hummm...

    1. Heh, I painted some GK up as Exorcists someways back, looked pretty good as I recall.


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