30 Jul 2018

Necron Dynasty - Canoptek Scarabs

Hi All, thanks for popping by. Following on from my Canoptek Scarab Swarm from 2014, Scarab fortunes had waxed and waned, the Entropic Stike ability of eating tanks was formidible, then Imperial Knights hit and Lord Halfpenny always seems to field Knights, their Behemoth rule didn't allow munching, then 7th changed it back to eating Hull Points and now 8th has hit and they are still a viable option munching through wounds instead.
Weight of numbers is key and the Feeder Manibles always wound tougher enemies on a 5+ replaces Entropic Strike and a full squad of 9 bases moves quickly 10in, charges and hits with 36 attacks (I'm not mentioning points or Power Levels as you'll need to go buy Codex) and they are cheap. 
So why a re-post? Well, I had 16 bases, lost one at Warhammer World (i think stolen/taken by an inquisitive kid..) which sucked, and the Codex only allows squads of either 3 x 6 x 9 bases, so I needed 3 more bases to make two big squads or three medium squads etc. I painted up 3 more bases to match, added some smaller Scarabs from the Transcendent C'Tan kit and this was the result...
18 glorious Fast Attack bases to swarm over the enemies of the Overlord! Simple and effective paint job, quick to finish and get off the to-do pile... Cheers for dropping in, Thanks, Siph. (3 Painting Points)


  1. You can never have enough scarabs! They are such a pain to kill, and you have to expend valuable resources to taking them out

    They are looking good!

  2. Always envious of how much better they are than Rippers. That said I want another three bases of Rippers so I can field a battalion of 3x3 plus 2 Neurothropes mainly for the extra Command Points but there are always the Powers and Synapse...

    Still would prefer your Scarabs though!

  3. @ NafNaf, precisely why I’ve got this many!

    @ Dave W, and my Overlord is jealous of your Heirophants...


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