6 Jul 2018

TitanOwnersClub UK Walk 2018 - Picture Heavy

Hi One all!

The date 30th June 2018 will live as an event that blew my mind- we, the Weemen Siph and LH attended the TitanOwnersClub UK walk, which was incredible, I felt like a kid at Christmas... (we all did!)

My force was:
  • Just finished Reaver titan
  • 18 Knights, including 
  • 4 Armigers
  • Lancer, 
  • Castigator
  • Porphyrion
  • Atropos, Magaera and Styrix just done this week
  • Acheron
  • 2 Errant, Warden, 2 Paladin, Gallant, Crusader
I remember doing floor battle as a kid, hoping one day to be involved in massive, EPIC battles, and well this was definitely EPIC! Below are pictures from the event.. Enjoy!
ENGINE KILL! (By an Armiger...)
ENGINE KILL! (By Armigers again...)
Turn 1
  • 5 knights killed with Warlord and Reaver fire
  • Canis Praetor took 46 wounds off a Chaos Reaver
  • Legio Crucicus Reaver 'Number 11' killed a wounded Warlord and the Reaver in a single Salvo! 
Turn 2
  • 5 more knights killed with Reaver and Warhounds fire from Turbo Lasers and Volcano Cannon
  • Castigator and Armigers took 46 wounds of Reaver in shooting and close combat!
  • Honorum Reaver destroyed a wounded Warlord in mass fire!
Turn 3
  • Both Honorum and the Warmonger Reaver are destroyed in fire
  • A Heretic Warhound is killed by an Armiger in fire, then a Reaver is destroyed by another Armiger in close combat... fear the Armiger!
  • Canis Bellum is destroyed by Reaver Apoc Launcher
  • Knight pack took 25 wounds to a Reaver in shooting
  • Reaver Honorum destroys a Chaos Warlord
  • Reaver 'number 11' took 25 wounds off a warlord which is then finished off by Canis Praetor
  • Canis Bellum snatches the centre objective, whilst Canis Praetor finishes off the nearby Traitor Warhound securing the centre.
Incredible day, the final scores shows the victory, which was very tight to the Traitors..

Incredible day - cheers to the guys at http://titanownersclub.blogspot.com/ for arranging the day!

Cheers, LH

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  1. This just boggles my mind. Like, literally. A while back, I saw some photos of dudes working on the sets for one of the old Godzilla movies, the ones where it's actually some dude in a rubber suit stomping around a scale model of Tokyo. This messes with my ability to accurately perceive scale in the same way. Very cool stuff. Thanks for sharing all the pics!


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