4 Jul 2018

TitanOwnersClub UK Walk 2018 - Battle Photos

Hi Readers, thanks for dropping in. Saturday was a great event, the innagural Titan Owners Club Walk UK, and this was the battle. I bought along Reaver Honorum, Warhounds Canis Praetor and Canis Bellum. Lord Halfpenny bought along Reaver '11' to earn his name, and three banners of Imperial Knights. Lynden P arrived after the line up so not in yesterday's photos. Here Lynden P’s Maniple of six Mortis Engines strides forward toward the Imperial Knights, looking for easy kills.
The Imperial Knights stride forward to close the God Machines in combat as soon as possible under withering fire.
There was an early rush for the gate, 2VPs to open, and 2VPs to claim at the end of the Battle Round. Each Maniple (of up to six Engines and Banners) took turns to activate an engine before the enemy Maniple opposite activated one of theirs, taking turns until all Engines had been activated once. This avoided the WH40K Turn One Auto Win...
Traitors infiltrate the city edges.
Turn 1
  • 5 knights killed with Warlord and Reaver fire
  • Canis Praetor took 46 wounds off a Chaos Reaver
  • Legio Crucicus Reaver 'Number 11' killed a wounded Warlord and the Reaver in a single Salvo!
Traitor Engines breach the city walls.
Knock Knock, Who's there? Many Warlords... 5 Traitior, 3 Loyalist.
Mortis Engines close on the refinery sector, Imperial Knights prepare to take the brunt.
Traitors line was anchored around the centre.
Fierce fighting throughout the city.
The Loyalists answer the call, holding the gates shut, filling the breaches with Engine dead!

Turn 2
  • 5 more knights killed with Reaver and Warhounds fire from Turbo Lasers and Volcano Cannon
  • Castigator and Armigers took 46 wounds of Reaver in shooting and close combat!
  • Honorum Reaver destroyed a wounded Warlord in mass fire!
Warmonger Reaver 11 earns his name, felling a Warlord and Reaver in one salvo - they were both crippled by the Loyalist centre.
The Castigator and Armiger strip a load of wounds of a Reaver...
A loyalist Warlord reinforces the Knights.
Knights defend the refinery objectives
Reaver Honorum destroys a Traitor Warlord!
Mortis Engines reap a heavy toll on a Knight Banner...
Canis Praetor holds the breach alone... and destroys the opposing Warlord
Turn 3
  • Both Honorum and the Warmonger Reaver are destroyed in fire
  • A Heretic Warhound is killed by an Armiger in fire, then a Reaver is destroyed by another Armiger in close combat... fear the Armiger!
  • Canis Bellum is destroyed by Reaver Apoc Launcher
  • Knight pack took 25 wounds to a Reaver in shooting
  • Reaver Honorum destroys a Chaos Warlord
  • Reaver 'number 11' took 25 wounds off a warlord which is then finished off by Canis Praetor
  • Canis Bellum snatches the centre objective, whilst Canis Praetor finishes off the nearby Traitor Warhound securing the centre.
In a last minute dash Canis Bellum contests the centre objective, covered by Canis Praetor who targets the enemy objective holding Warhound and in a salvo of Laser Destructor fire destroys the traitor engine! Securing 2 VPs.

Great tmes.  Cheers, Siph.


  1. An excellent report, it is pleasing that so many people turned up and had a fun day, such a fine display of top of the line models too. I like the way the lino looks like martian sand.

  2. Phil, it was a 36ft x 16ft playing surface especially made for the event ;)

  3. I wondered what the mat was, very impressive. What was it printed on, vinyl? Great report, sounds like a blast and it was interesting to note how some of the smaller engines managed to take out the bigger ones, do you think that would have still been likely in previous editions or has 8th balanced such titanic odds?

  4. Dave mate, it was a cotton type mat seen here https://battlebunnies.blogspot.com/2018/06/titanic-gaming-mat-36ft-x-16ft.html and I think Armigers wouldn’t of had a dent in 7th, the addition of wounds, even 70 for a Reaver and Voids 3++ means that the massed fire or little guys can hurt the big ones. Five Knights were lost on the way to charge... but once in range, they hit on 3+, wound on 3+ (St8 x2 against T10) and had 4 attacks with 3 Dmg. Even wounding Warlords on 4+ at their T16. I reckon five Armigers would take down a full health Reaver in a couple of Rounds.

  5. This looks amazing; bloody well done!


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