9 Jul 2018

Imperial Knights - Vassal of Legio Astorum - Questoris Knight

Hi Readers, thanks for checking out this humble corner of the blogosphere. I am proud to show off my latest addition to the Imperial Knight Vassal House to my Legio Astorum Titans. This Paladin was a rather finely re-posed Knight from eBay, originally House Hawkshroud, but I took it and repainted 75% to join the blue and yellow livery of Legio Astorum.
The stencil flame work was updated from black to blue background, and several panels were painted over to the blue livery f the Warp Runners, to which this Banner of Knights is aligned. Here you can see the Knight striding over a ruined Aquila.
I re-touched the Chainsword arm rear gubbins and sharpened the teeth with Stormhost Silver, added green power cable like my previous Knights. I re-did the earth of the base to match my own bases, leaving the Aquila as it was.
The endo-skeleton was re-drybrushed with Leadblecher and details picked out. I also cleaned up the pistons and again green power cables. The conversion had filled in the hollow feet treads too, nice touch. The ball joints of the hips are extensively hollowed out and I think a glass ball bearing acts as the pivot.
The Mechanicus symbols were picked out, and all the purity seals re-done. I added tufts of grass and my usual flock.
The rapid firing Battlecannon received some attention, adding the band transfer and heat staining of the barrel end. I also re-painted the gun shield to Astorum Blue. Again base metals were drybrushed and a few details picked out in Bronze or Stormhost Silver.
The Shoulder Pauldron and Heraldic Shield received Legio Astorum decals, as did the Knee. The workings of the toes were picked out in metal too. I removed the shin guard Greaves to repaint the flames and rims.
And with that, the Knight was re-constructed and glued in place, the head looking down the barrel of the Heavy Stubber and striding purposefully swinging the Battlecannon around to bear.
Not forgetting the scrollwork which also received 'ASTORUM' and a fresh coat of blue paint.
The previous owner did a fine job on the base, the Aquila is made of foamboard and painted. I added more weathering to match my bases and the tufts, but otherwise left it  as it was.
I used one of the flame Pauldrons, but replaced one from a spare set to add the Legio colours. I also added Soulstone Blue for the cockpit canopy, tidied up a few metallic bits and re-did the handrails metal.
Here is the original guise. 
And in his new role as a Consort for the Legio Astorum Titans, here clearing out heretical forces in advance of God Engine Warhound Canis Praetor!

Cheers for looking, thanks, Siph. (Half points for a re-paint = 10pts)


  1. OMG - magnificent ! What a good job. he should keep the grubby gribblies away from the Legio assets. hurrah !

  2. I love his walking pose - excellent work! :)

  3. Sweet looking Questoris engine! Nice work on the repaint.

  4. @ Zzzzzz, cheers mate, yes I imagine that’s what an Allied Banner should be for, might have to get some Hopilites and Peltasts too, in Legio Blue.
    @ Goddenzilla, Phil, thanks a lot. But credit goes to the original owner for the yellow and leg pose. I just repainted the blues and added a wash to the yellow recesses.
    @ Dave, thanks mate, looking forward to adding more mini-God Engines to form a Knight Banner.

  5. Lovely work, man! Blue and yellow is such a striking color combo on knights. I dig it!


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