16 Jul 2018

Genestealer Cult - Neophyte Hybrid Squad - Infected PDF Troops

Hi All, long time readers of this humble blog may remember these guys from 2009... some of my first miniatures, originally painted as a Vraks PDF Squad but I was never going to have time or inclination for a whole IG/AM army, so these languished on the side lines in the display cabinets until GW had the great idea of infected Planetary Defence Forces in the Genestealer Cult! Boom! I can use these guys, and the uniform colours match my chosen Hivefleet Kraken reds and beiges.
Now sporting their new livery and allegiance to the true Emperor, the Four Armed Emperor, they will see light of day as a Cult Neophyte Hybrid Squad, armed with Lasguns, Flamer, a Bolt Pistol weilding Sergeant and the Vox Operator can now be sporting a Cult Icon!
Here is a closer look at the first five, I paled the faces from the original scheme and added a purple sickly hue. I used the Genestealer Cult Upgrade Sprue to add subtle GC icons and changed a few heads - the respirator head of the Flamer Guy comes without filter canisters - no doubt poor research by GW on how 'Gas Masks' work... so I added two canisters on the inlet valves, the front facing outlet valve is for voice.
Here is a shot showing the new additions, Cult Icons, head swaps and I deleted the Aquila from the shoulder guard and added a coiled serpent GC symbol in its place! I see these troops defacing their kit in honour of their new allegiances so they are varied and hand drawn.
The five other troopers (ahem... Neophyte Hybrids) are armed with Lasguns, where the scabbard has been replaced with a cult knife, I also removed the Bayonet, the others are correctly armed with bayonets and empty scabbards, such was my stickler to detail back in 2009...
Here's a shot showing their new allegiance, Cult icons, knives and grenades and I hollowed out a head I removed and placed the helmet on the belt of the bandana Neophyte. And of course defaced shoulder guards sporting GC symbols.

Subtle changes, but now I would be happy to field these as Neophyte Hybrids, not just Counts-As. I hope you agree. I can field these along side the captured Leman Russ Battletank and the Armoured Sentinel. Cheers for looking, and thanks, Siph. (5 painting points for this squad, significant time and effort is rewarded)


  1. Well done, nice and subtle conversions. The cult stuff really helps.

  2. Never fear, citizens, the OH will exterminate this heresy.

    Nice work, btw; I always admire retro-conversions - upcycling in the name of the four armed emperor, indeed.

  3. Cheers Rory and Zzzzzz. Nice to have these off the pile of To-Do


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