20 Jul 2018

WIP Great Unclean One, Custodes Captain-General Trajann Valoris

Hello one and All,

following on from 'those' pictures, I thought I'd get my head down into the hobby.. so, this week I've started work on 2 projects, another Great Unclean One, and Trajann Valoris.

Great Unclean One,

This model is based on the Glotkin model, however I've added nurglings to the shoulder/back rather than the 2 'brothers' . I could see this model as 'Gu'garth the Plaguefather' from previous Daemon codices. The story was Gu'garth was a nurgling who fell into a potion and was mutated into a Great Unclean One, thus I wanted the model to look completely different to the other Great Unclean Ones- and I feel this is the perfect model.

Trajann Valoris
Stead progress with Valoris, with him having  a similar scheme to the previous custodes in my force. 
 Hopefully these will be completed soon to add to the growing ranks of forces!




For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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