11 Oct 2019

Imperial Assassins - WIP

Hello one and All,

I'm finding at the moment my hobby time is getting less due to other commitments, however I did find some time to build an execution force of assassins. These are from the box set of the same name, I wasn't going to use these, however having seen the difference in size of these to the original ones I have and their details, I thought I had to get them done, and added to my force!
I will be painting these all the same scheme, to tie into them being an '(x)force' (there might be a clue to the colours there)
I will be painting these in sub sections with the base separate to the body, and any parts that will be in the way removed (I'm looking at you Vindicare sniper rifle.) The scheme should be straightforward, with a red base coat over a black undercoat, further black details and then washes/highlights etc. With then the eyes picked out in white.
Cheers for looking! LH

1 comment:

  1. Always been tempted to get those four to field them. Look forward to seeing how yours comes out.


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