23 Oct 2019

Terrain and Scenery - OOP Planetstrike Blastscape

Hello all, a looong overdue terrain project finally finished! This is the now out of production Planetstrike Blastscape vacuum formed terrain set. In its day this was a bag of terrain which was much lamented as the terrain shown on the pack and in White Dwarf was the original set from which I reckon these were vac-formed as the detail on these was not as good as we had come to expect. They are quite thin plastic sheets but when drybrushed come up decent enough.
I painted the generic 'escape pod' in drybrushed metallics and added some of the lost details like exhaust nozzles and a Rhino Hatch for the top of the craft, I saw similar on Reddit and thought I could do that, the hatch slightly open, did the occupants survive planetstrike and escape intact?
Here is a close up of the restored nozzles, without them the plastic lacked detail or overlap due to the vac-form process. I sprayed the crash scar Stormvermin and washed with Nuln Oil to look burnt from re-entry.
As you can see I added sand and PVA (Elmers) along the flat edges to blend in the table better. I added some vegetation patches similar to my normal bases.
The next piece I again used Mournfang Brown as the basecoat before marking out the scar with Stormvermin and painted the asteroids with Eshin Grey. The ground was drybrushed Karak Stone and Ushabti Bone and the asteroids Dawnstone and Administratum Grey, and a little Leadblecher.
The scars were washed again with Nuln Oil to look burnt. And the edges blended with sand and PVA.
The laser scar piece was painted as a break in the crust or a lava / magma scar, I used car spray for the dark red, darkened the edges with Nuln Oil, then picked out the details with lighter reds through orange and yellow.
I quite like how the edges blend from red to black to brown, more by chance than skill I must say. I picked out the craters with a quick spray of Stormvermin and washed with Nuln Oil to give a burnt blast look.
The craters were a repeat of the other craters, a base coat of Mournfang Brown with a quick blast of Stormvermin in the centres and then Nuln Oil wash.
I like the blackened craters, it's quite good I think :)
The final piece was a half buried piece of debris, possibly part of a long crashed space craft or to me it looks like the neck area of the torso plate on a Warlord Titan, so I added some rust drybrush and a watered down glaze of Mournfang Brown for the recesses.
So, a nice long overdue terrain project finally done and off the to-do list, I like the look of these and look forward to using them in my next battle.

Cheers, Siph. (5 points for Terrain)


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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